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How to make flowers with polymer clay? Try DECO!

The polymer clay is easy to use, and you don’t need any special equipment. It is the perfect material for molding flowers, doll accessories and other elaborate figurines with fine details and textures. [Read more]

polymer clay flowers
Made by: Art Clay Studio Martina

The polymer clay CLAYCRAFT by DECO has a light, airy consistency that lends itself to any kind of clay crafts, but especially to artificial flowers, foliage and herbs. The texture of CLAYCRAFT by DECO perfectly emulates that of real flowers and herbs, making them remarkably realistic.

Step 1. Make seven 25 mm diameter balls.
Step 2. Press each ball with your thumb to form petal shape.
Step 3. Roll one petal from the edge to create the center of the bud.
Step 4. Wrap second petal once around center of bud, keeping height of petal even.
Step 5. Wrap third petal around second overlapping it by about half. Slightly lare both edges of third petal, then pinch petals together at base.
Step 6. Repeat step 5 with remaining petals, attaching all at base. Remove any excess clay remaining at base.

polymer clay flowers
Made by: Art Clay Studio Martina

DECO polymer clay is easy to mix

Available in 7 colors (including white), CLAYCRAFT by DECO can be molded to any shape, with specialist molding tools also available in a variety of different shapes. The pliable nature of the polymer clay CLAYCRAFT means that intricate, delicate objects (such as figurines or objects for dolls) are easy to create by even amateur artists.

Click here to see video tutorials

how to mix decoclay

DECO polymer clay is easy to buy

You can order DECO clay, tools and special kits.

The kits include everything you need to start making perfect flowers with CLAYCRAFT by DECO.

We deliver worldwide!

We accept MasterCard, Visa and PayPal. You can also pay by bank transfer or Western Union.

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Air-dried polymer clay: soft, light, pliable, no shrinkage

This special clay is a polymer air-dried clay that is light-weight and very soft. The clay is perfectly suitable for making flowers. It is also extremely easy to work with and very clean. Take a look:

In our store you can buy air dry modeling clay (CLAYCRAFT by DECO), special molds for making flowers and other tools. Also, you can buy books which will help you create clay models of professional quality.

Nowadays, air dry polymer clays are widely used all over the world by deco artists and sculptors for making flowers Air dry clay is different from traditional clay in design and model. This modeling substance is usually made of polymer materials; sometimes artists use nylon fiber to increase its elasticity and durability. Different types of synthetic components are added with air dry clay due to reduce shrinking, cracking, and scratching. In the article, we will talk about availability, price, uses, texture, and workability of DECO air dry clay.

box decorated by polymer clay flowers
Made by: Art Clay Studio Martina

What are the differences between CLAYCRAFT by DECO air dry clays and traditional polymer clays?

There are some fundamental differences between CLAYCRAFT by DECO air dry clay and traditional polymer clays. For example traditional polymer clays require ovens to be dried up. DECO air dry clay for making flowers don’t require any ovens to be dried up. Besides this, air dry clays are more designable than the traditional polymer clays. You can add different components and substances with air dry clays to augment its aesthetic value. Yet, air dry clays are less durable than the polymer clays.

Availability of the polymer clay

CLAYCRAFT by DECO air dry clay is available all over the world and it’s easy to find in European countries. DECO air dry clay are largely available in American and Asian countries. If you are in Italy and Germany, UK or other countries you can easily purchase quality DECO air dry clay at http://handicraft.pro

polymer clay spring flowers
Made by: Art Clay Studio Martina

Price of DECO air dry polymer clay

At present CLAYCRAFT by DECO air dry polymer clays are the first choice of artists, deco artists, and jewelers for its affordable price. If you consider the essential factors then CLAYCRAFT by DECO air dry clay is always your first choice.

Uses of the air dry polymer clay

DECO air dry clay has bought a significant change to the usage of polymer clays. It has added new dimension, design, and model to art-based hobbies and jobs. Deco artists, sculptors, and jewelers use the air dray clay in their distinct arts and works. It is used in making flowers, ornaments and baby dolls.

Why is DECO air dry polymer clay so popular?

The clay is light, pliable and has no shrinkage. Absolutely suitable for making flowers! Its components and textures offer users higher degrees of workability.

deco clay flowers


Useful DECO molds

We offer very useful molds that helps you to create an amazing flowers!

Shape DECO cutters

Use DECO cutters for making leaves and petals

Other professional tools

Whether you are a handicraft professional or looking for a new hobby, you might be interested in trying air dry CLAYCRAFT by DECO, which is an exciting new modeling air dry clay that is now available for the first time in Europe through handicraft.pro.

Claycraft by DECO was created in Japan where it became a handicraft sensation called deco-mania which quickly spread throughout Japan and the USA, and is now making its first steps in Europe.

CLAYCRAFT by DECO is air dry polymer clay that is ideal for molding flowers, doll accessories and many other elaborate objects with fine details and textures. Have a look at the Portfolio section of some of the amazing things you can do with Claycraft by DECO.

The best air dry polymer clay

Amazing quality

Unlike other types of polymer clay that need to be baked in an oven, CLAYCRAFT by DECO will air dry to a firm consistency in 24 hours. The air dry clay (Lufthartende Modelliermasse) accurately conveys the texture of leaves or flower buds. This makes the material 100% appropriate for creating artificial flowers that look alive. You definitely should know that we think FIMO is not good clay for creating flowers.

When ready, the flowers become light and airy. That's why CLAYCRAFT air dry clay is used by designers for creating unique goods.

Unbelievable features

The features of the clay (CLAYCRAFT by DECO) helps you to create unbelievable products! Modeling with AIR DRY POLYMER CLAY will become your lifelong hobby! Try it and you'll love it!

If you are looking where you can buy modeling air dry clay for making flowers (Lufthartende Modelliermasse) you are on the right website.

Decoclay it is the best material for creating artificial (but very realistic) flowers. No other polymer clay can reproduce textures of herbs and flowers with such realism and accuracy. How do you make flowers? Try CLAYCRAFT by DECO.

CLAYCRAFT clay is perfect for making small clay figures and other objects of art, which you can use for home decoration or as presents for your friends and family.

Also, the material air dries to a firm consistency. You don't need to bake it in an oven like FIMO, which makes the process easier.

And finally, it's just so cool! Try and see for yourself.
Please note that CLAYCRAFT by DECO air dry clay is sometimes also called 'decoclay'.

DECO polymer clay is easy to start

Try yourself and when ready find the closest DECO instructor [Click here!] to you - become a professional in making flowers!

deco clay flowers

Buy DECO clay and tools online:

We deliver worldwide

We deliver DECO clay and tools by Czech post from Prague. The post service is quite fast and reliable.

Reasonable price

The price for the DECO clay is quite high because of it's Japan clay. But the quality of the clay is amazing. You will be 100% satisfied!

Special discounts for professionals

DECO artists have +10% discount for the clay and tools. Please feel free to email us.

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